Duane Winter Buck


I wanted to share these pictures with you of the buck I shot November 2nd 2008 on public land. 10 PT- 215 LBS DRESSED.

This is my second year using Doe-to-Door and I am very pleased with the results so far. This buck was grunted in and came down the trail I was hunting on and stopped at 12 yards. He must have seen me draw and spotted me in the tree while facing me head on. I felt like I was busted and had no chance of taking this deer and then all of a sudden the wind shifted a little so my scent wick of Doe-to-Door was going directly to him. This was enough to change his focus from me and instead to the hot doe he thought he was scenting. He turned quartering away and gave me a perfect shot. He took off in a full sprint covering about 150 yards and died in about two feet of water in a cattail marsh.

Thanks for a great product.

Duane Winter
Brownsville, WI