Scott Prouse Trail Cam

Hey Chip,

I'll give you a little positive feedback on your product. No, I haven't killed the biggest buck in the woods, yet. However, I wanted to see what kind of bucks were using my hunting property. I use trail camera's during the season, and had so far failed to catch any decent bucks on camera. I put out about an ounce of ol' drop tyne, in front of a game camera I have on the edge of a food plot. The results were spectacular. Within 36 hours of putting it out, I had no less than 8 different bucks checking that spot. Including a 9 pointer and two different 8 point bucks.

I've NEVER had results like that and I've tried a number of different products. The bigger bucks were all checking it out at night, but what a fantastic way to start getting an inventory of the bucks on your property. I'd never seen any of the bigger deer before, either. The bucks were in pre-rut, so it was particularly effective. I'm going to try it again, and see what happens. You're product isn't cheap, but you've convinced me it works. Attached is a picture of the 9 pointer and I KNOW there are bigger deer in there than this guy.

Just a lot of fun.

Scott Prouse

PS - You guys really need to tout your product and a game cam combination for getting an idea of what's on your property. A good game cam will catch them everytime and the results sure pumped me up. Just amazing!!!!