Brad Sheppard Buck


Here are some pictures of the 10-point buck I took with a bow on October 31, 2008 with Doe to Door and Rival Stud. Once again, your product worked great for us. Chris and I have had great success using your products. Since 2006, which is the first time I purchased any, between us we have now taken five bucks scoring from mid 130's to 213 inches. (Obviously, Chris drop tyne being the 213.) This year was no different. When the prerut starts, we have found out that Doe to Door with a little Rival Stud makes the bucks come in.

The day I killed this 10, Chris set-up 60 to 70 yards upwind from me. He put 4 scent pads with Doe to Door around him and 1 scent pad with Rival Stud. I was set-up closer to the bedding area with no scent around me. This buck came out around 5:00 p.m. with his nose in the air. He never paid any attention to my set-up and was clearly going to the scent. I had a 20 yard shot wide-opened and actually missed. The deer ran 10 yards back from where he came from, stopped, stood there for about 30 seconds and came with nose in the air right back to the spot I missed. I didn't miss the second time.

Once again, I just want to personally thank you for a great product that has changed the way we hunt. That is the only scent that Chris and I will use. Chris still has his buck tag and we have a couple of trail cam pictures of bucks that will score nice. Hopefully, we will send you more pictures of Chris with a monster buck. We still have some Doe to Door and Rival Stud in the refrigerator. The second rut should be firing up soon.

Your friend,
Brad Shepherd