Michael Slotty Buck

Hi Chip,

Well, for the second year in a row I have had success using your product. This time I used Dame. What I had done was put a scent wick down one of the draws that I had come through early in the morning on my way to the stand during the opener of the 2008 Wisconsin Deer season; I had been in my tree stand for about 45 minutes and at first shooting light this nice 12 point buck with split G2's came up the valley and through the bean and clover field and was headed right down the draw to see who was down there; no other deer were there just a little scent wick drenched in Dame. That was the earliest I had ever shot a buck and owe this one to the curiosity scent getting the best of this buck.

The product worked just like you said and that I was hoping it would. Thanks again Chip!!

Michael Slotty