Matheson BuckChip,

Doe-to-Door, what a great product! I have used nearly every scent and scent delivery system available for nearly 25 years and Ol' Drop Tyne's is the best I've found. I had always kind of figured that "fresh is best" and after working in a sporting good store a while back showed me first hand how they had to store the scent for extended periods. That coupled with the less than impressive experiences I had using what was on the shelf at my local archery shop, I had nearly given up on using scents all together. I decided to become obsessed about personal scent elimination for my successes. I have arrowed bigger bucks than this one, but I have never had a buck respond in such a positive way to the scent I was using.

This 10 pointer actually pulled away from the doe he was trailing out of a thicket during prime rut in Wisconsin when he crossed my Doe-to-Door scent trail which I put down with your Arrow-Drag (also a very cool idea). One well place arrow was all it took on my part.

The story actually begins the day prior. The land I was hunting was in one of Wisconsin's "Earn a buck" units which requires hunters to shoot a doe before being able to harvest a buck. As time is very important during the rut, I needed a doe quickly. I put myself on a good doe travel corridor and used your Beckon Call. My shooting lane was very tight and I needed to stop a doe in one specific spot. I made sure I put the wick low to the ground and on the far side of the trail (to make her look away). All went as planned and another set of back-straps were on their way to the grill.

There is no doubt in my mind that "fresh is best" and Ol' Drop Tyne has me as client for good!

Chris Matheson