Nickerson 19-Point Record Book Buck

Hey Chip,

On November 2, 2007 the day started as any other, dad soaks a drag rag with Doe-to-Door and as we enter the woods to go to our stand he drops the drag rag and pulls it along to where we split off to our separate stands. Dad then hangs the drag rag in a pine tree by a scrape between us.

At about 7:45 AM I can hear a deer running and it is getting closer when all of a sudden I see a doe bust out of the brush and run past the pine tree with the drag rag and she runs up a hill and over a fence and out of sight. But the noise didn't stop there, from the same spot came this huge non-typical buck that was chasing her. The buck also ran past the drag rag but instead of jumping the fence it stopped on top the hill just 42 yards from my stand - I took aim, released my arrow, and the buck dropped in his tracks.

Within minutes dad and I meet between our stands and we approached the buck - we were both amazed at how the buck dropped in his tracks (our stands are about 200 yards apart but we can both see the hill). Once we approached the buck and found he was dead - we started counting and found 19 points that will score and two smaller points.

It's now at the taxidermist and is estimated to score 180 after the drying period. Both dad and I feel without Doe-to-Door this buck would still be running the woods.

Needless to say, we are huge fans of Doe-to-Door and as dad put it, "We won't enter the woods without it."

Thanks for a great product - this is hands down the best scent product we have ever used.

Jamie Nickerson