Reed & Grenz Bucks

Reed and Grenz share Doe-to-Door and bag two nice bucks

Dear Chip,

I saw your "Doe to Door" ad in the Pennsylvania Outdoors News and thought I would try it. It was delivered on Oct 29th. I called my hunting buddy (Steve) on Nov 1st and he told me none of the other hunters had a buck kill in four weeks of hunting and not to expect a good hunt.

Regardless, I decided to make the 1-1/2 hour trip Nov 2nd. I arrived at one of my seven tree stands 6:30 am. I laid out a scent trail and put out 3 scent wicks and started a six hour watch. I didn't see or hear a deer all morning, so I decided to move to some bottom land for the afternoon hunt. This area is a mixed thick cover of red brush, briars, wild apples, hardwoods and a three or four acre pine plantation which is about 35' tall.

I selected a stand on the edge of the plantation. Fortunately, there was a primary scrape 15 yards from my ladder stand so I laid out a scent trail along the edge of the pines each direction from the scrape. I ascended my stand around 1:15 pm. From 1:30 pm until 5:45 pm I watched six different bucks walk the scent trail and work the scrape. I saw two 4 points, one 5 point, a beautiful wide 6 point, one 8 point which didn't present a killing shot. The 5 point came in and literally stood on his hind feet and licked the "Doe to Door" soaked wick.

Finally about 5:40 pm I heard horns clashing with trees and brush. He was heading my way and I thought "I hope you're as big as you sound." For about 10 minutes he assaulted every tree or bush he came to. He came right to the scrape and presented a 15yard broad side shot. I released the arrow into his chest and watched him run 30 yards and drop. He had 9 points wit 6-1/2" G 2 & 3 and 17" spread.

I called my buddy Steve, who was also hunting, and asked for help getting the deer onto the ATV after taking a few pictures. Steve asked "Do you have any more of that Doe to Door?" I was done with it so I gave it to him. It was snowing on Nov 6th when Steve went to his stand 300 yards from where I killed my buck. After laying a scent trail and putting out scent wicks he saw a "big 10 point" and was unable to pull back his bow because he was so cold. After trying and failing three times the buck finally left. Steve exercised his shoulders and pulled back his bow several times. A few minutes later the beautiful 8 point in the picture came to the scent wicks. The rack was 19" spread with 9" tines and wow what a nice symmetrical rack it is!

Needless to say, I am very happy with the results of the "Doe to Door" product. I will be using it next year!! I am also sending a picture of a buck killed 2 miles from out hunting area. This buck was killed the 2nd day of Pennsylvania firearms season. The buck has 16 points and a 25" spread. We hunt in the 4 point on one side antler restrictions area. The antler restrictions are producing much older and better bucks than prior to the restrictions.

Ernest Reed

P.S. - I am 70 years old and this is my best bow kill as well as rifle kill in 58 years of hunting.