McManigle Buck

I talked to you in the fall of 07 about the deer I shot using your product. I told you I would send you a photo of the deer and a little story. I went out the last weekend of Oct and that was when I shot this nice buck. The buck is a main frame eight with a split, making it a nine point. It has 14 inch long tines and is 25 inches wide.

I got to my tree at five that morning. I put out ten scent wafers all around my tree. The wafers were all in the Doe to Door scent. At about 6:15 two does came in. The bucks soon followed with nine small ones coming after the does. While watching them two bigger bucks entered the picture. While the does were coming up to the scent wafers the bigger bucks chased away the smaller bucks but stayed behind the does. Then the big pig stepped out and gave me my shot. I can tell you this, I will always use Doe to Door. It works!

Ken McManigle