I just have to start out my letter by tell you thanks for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime to FINALLY get that buck all the other boys talk about. I have been hunting for years and have seen the "BIG", and heard many of stories of the big one but now I finally get to say I have a BIG buck story too.

I was one of the many hunters that ended up in the earn a buck zone. Not a problem for me this year my first night out I had a doe come right in on my sent line and that was your product of dame. That was one and then later in the season I shot another doe to secure my fate of getting my buck tag.

But during the four day gun hunt from October 18 - 21st. Is when I was able to tag and bag my 220lb buck scoring 156. I had two scent sticks out, one with dame and the other with rival stud. I really believe he got so nervous he had to come and check it out.

All said and done your product earned me two does and one nice buck.

Randy Lindemann