Romanowski BuckOl' Drop Tyne,

Just thought I would drop you a note telling you of the latest success I had with your product. It was an overcast day with the possibility of rain around dusk. I set out to the stand about 3:00 p.m. on October 14th, 2007. The stand is set up on the corner of a plowed corn field. My wife and her father were about 250 yards away in the truck watching over the same field that I hunted on. The wind was not exactly perfect but it was lightly blowing down the edge of the field. I had placed a scent patch with Rival Stud scent about 10 yards down wind from me in hopes that not only would draw in a buck but also to cover any scent that I was unable to eliminate. As the night grew on the fog started to move in and it drizzled on and off.

About 5:00 two deer approached the field about 50 yards from my wife in the truck with her father. I figured for sure that they must be seeing these deer. So I turned over my Primos Doe Bleet call and to my surprise the smaller of the two came running the edge of the field straight to where I had laid the patch. He was not a monster buck by no means in fact he was just a nubbins.

I stood and watched him mill around in the field for about 5 minutes not paying any attention to the other deer in the field. Next thing I knew at within about 10 yards down wind of the patch of Rival Stud stood a dark horned 9 point buck broadside nose to the ground sniffing the patch. I took my bow off of the hook, drew back and let my Mathews do the dirty work. Right on the money the arrow went in directly behind his right front shoulder he wheeled around and ran into the woods next to him. Just then the drizzle turned into a downpour. So I chose to get down after about 5 minutes and check how well the blood trail was if any was left. The blood had nearly washed away but I was confident I hit him well. I chose to back out for the night thinking that he is laying down fairly close to the field and I did not want to kick him across the country.

The next morning my wife, my father-in-law, my grandfather-in-law and a couple of family friends went out to breakfast and discussed a grid pattern to locate this buck. Little did we know a grid pattern was not necessary, he laid 50 yards from were my carbon express punctured his chest. I have used your product for two years now and feel that it is the freshest most effective scent on the market.

Thanks for everything and I look forward to making my order next fall.

Curt Romanowski
Jackson County, WI