Brad and I went down to our spot on Friday evening and got in our stands. That evening was very impressive, both of us saw alot of action. Brad saw 4 different bucks and I saw 2, neither of us got a shot at any of the bucks that evening. When we met up at the truck we both talked about what we had seen. The bucks were bumping and checking the does, we knew that it was time to break out the "doe to door" and draw these bucks in to bow range. The next morning I placed the doe to door on a couple of the scent wicks and hung them around my stand. 8:20 am I see the big 8 pointer as he walks by me at about 80 yards checking some scrapes. He disappears for a short period but then returns to the area where I first saw him. He gets wind of the doe to door and comes right to it giving me a 30 yard shot. Since I have been using your product I have harvested the State Record archery buck in Indiana for the Hoosier Record Buck Program and this 8 point is going to make Pope and Young. I have used alot of other products, but they have never produced the results that yours has.

I want to thank you again for such a great product; the freshness has to be the difference.

Chris Robbins