Beaumont Buck


Two Eleven Pointers from the same stand using OlÂ’ Drop Tyne's Doe to Door. I could not believe it. Looking back at the 2007 season, this has been my best season yet. It started at the beginning of the rut in Illinois on November 3. It was an afternoon hunt and I had put out the Doe to Door about 15 yards out from my stand for just the second time this year. The bucks started chasing does around with about a half hour left of light. With only a few minutes left in the hunt the first eleven point buck was tracking a doe that just past my stand. As he came downwind from where I placed the scent he stopped dead in his tracks which gave me a nice 20 yard shot.

I hunted that same stand about 20 days later using the same technique. This time I had only been in my stand for twenty minutes when this big buck came straight into my stand. He came right towards the Doe to Door scent that I placed in the same spot as the last time, this time I had only a 15 yard broad side shot and was able to put a great shot on this deer. In fact he only went about forty yards before he tumbled over. It was awesome to see this deer that grossed 148, drop right in front of you.

Thanks Ol' Drop Tyne and my faithful Mathews Switchback.

Bill Beaumont