McBride BuckDear Chip,

I am finally getting around to sending my picture and story of my 2007 deer season to you. I am not very good with a computer so hopefully this works if not let me know. I would also like to thank you for letting me cancel my other order after killing this big deer. I will be ordering more next year. I have enclosed three pictures one is my grandpa and two of me.

I read about your scents in a bowhunter magazine. I like to use scents alot around the rut, but often wonder if they work. I ordered two bottles of your Doe to Door one for me and one for my grandpa to try. On opening day of the 2007 Indiana firearms season we both had our Doe To Door out and at first light my grandpa had a nice eight point come in right to the scent. He said it had its head up smelling the air right in front of the scent bomb. He dropped it in its tracks. I hunted all day, seen alot of deer and had a couple of small bucks come up to the scent bomb. But nothing i wanted to shoot. On the second day I decided to hunt over a couple of fresh scrapes I had seen the following week bowhunting. I got in bright and early and hung the scent bomb between the two scrapes, they were about 70 yards from my stand. At day break I had a couple of does around me. I watched them plus two more that showed up for about an hour after day break. They moved on in the cedar thicket behind me out of sight.

Shortly after I heard movement behind me, it was making alot of noise walking. Thinking it was the does coming back out i did not turn to look as it walked toward me. I did not see it till it walked in front of my stand, and then I could see it was a big buck. He was walking away from me and heading towards the scrapes. He stopped about 10 yards from the scent bomb. By this time I already had him in my scope but did not have a shot. I could see him lip curling, something I never seen before in person, only on TV. I could tell he smelled the scent. He took about 2 steps giving me a good broadside shot. My Remington 1187 shooting lightfield slugs put him down quick. I did not know he was as big as he was till I walked up on him. I was so excited. He is my biggest deer to date and will be hard to top. This is a deer I had been hunting for a while. I have the sheds off of him from two years ago. And he was impressive then. But I have never been able to see him while I was hunting. I think he finally showed himself coming to the Doe to Door scent.


Kevin McBride
Madison, Indiana