Chris Robbins Indiana Record Book Drop Tine Buck

Doe-to-Door aids Chris Robbins in Indiana record book buck


Chris Robbins Indiana Record Book Drop Tine BuckThis is the big drop tine buck I was telling you about. We used your Doe-to-Door product for the first time on Nov 4, 2006 and it's amazing. I put it on a drag rag about 150 yards from my stand. At about 8:00 AM I see the first buck. Within one hour I had 5 bucks come right to where we first put it on the drag rag. They all passed within 40 yards of my tree stand but the big drop tine buck did not present a good shot for me. I had a shot on a 130 to 140 class 8 pointer but passed because I had the big drop tine behind him. My buddy Chris Robbins saw the same deer that morning on the next ridge over. The drag rag was hanging between us.

That evening we were in the same setup and the big boy came from down wind right to within 15 yards of Chris. He made a great shot and the buck only went about 60 yards before he went down. He green scored 211-3/8", which is a new Indiana state record bow kill if it stands.

Needless to say you've got two huge fans of Doe-to-Door. I haven't been out in the woods after all the excitment over the big drop tine buck, but I can't wait until I can get out there to try it again. We've seen first hand how good this stuff works.

Thanks for a great bottle of Doe-to-Door. It's hands down the best scent we've ever used!

Brad S. Shepherd
North Vernon, Indiana