Rival Stud



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Rival Stud

Few things trigger an immediate aggressive reaction from a Dominant Buck like the smell of another rival buck looking to take over his turf! It’ll drive Dominant Bucks MAD! Perhaps you’ve witnessed as they storm in, ears back and hair on end…they’re looking for a fight. They become so focused on their search for the RIVAL STUD that they never even notice you at full draw. It’s the ultimate hunting scenario for any whitetail fanatic!

Now, you too, can create this scene with customized precision using our RIVAL STUD deer scent. Each bottle contains pure whitetail urine collected fresh from bucks younger than 2-1/2 years old; bucks old enough to trigger the RAGE of the dominant bucks you’re after, but young enough to keep from spooking the inferior bucks that might be moving through.

TIPS: Do not apply buck deer scents directly on a active scrape, this can kill that scrape. You are far better off placing it to the side or on your mock scrape. Another great time to use Rival Stud is early in the season when bucks are in their bachelor groups. Because Rival Stud is collected so fresh it will match the phase of the bucks season you are hunting, this is a very key point.

This season, if you're looking to bring in that cagey Whitetail that rarely sees the light of day, introduce him to RIVAL STUD.

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